Honoring the Profession: Introducing Playwrights Welcome | Breaking Character Magazine

Published in Breaking Character Magazine, December 2016 Read the original interview here. This past fall, Samuel French launched Playwrights Welcome, a national initiative for Dramatists Guild Members that asks theaters to offer unsold tickets to professional playwrights on the day of a performance. Our Breaking Character Magazine Editor, Courtney Kochuba, sat down with Bruce Lazarus […]

On Playwrighting | The Dramatist

Published in The Dramatist Magazine What are we doing when we write for the stage? Are we entertaining ourselves?  Entertaining others?  Having our say? Trying to make a living? Trying to make a point?  Furthering the art form?  Joining the dialogue? Trying to save the ship?  Trying to sink the ship?  Getting even?  Getting ahead?  […]

Christopher and Marsha Explain It All for You | The Juilliard Journal

By David Auburn Published in The Juilliard Journal, March 2014 In honor of the 20th anniversary of Juilliard’s Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program, one of its many distinguished alums, David Auburn (who wrote, among other plays, the Tony- and Pulitzer-winning Proof), chatted with co-directors Marsha Norman and Christopher Durang. So, I guess the first […]

Not There Yet : What Will It Take to Achieve Equality for Women in the Theatre? | American Theatre

Published in American Theater Magazine, November 2009 Discussing the status of women in the theatre feels a little like debating global warming. I mean, why are we still having this discussion? According to the NYSCA report[1], 83 percent of produced plays are written by men. And nobody doubts that the North Pole is melting, we […]