Anne Pitoniak | Citation

Given at her memorial, 2007 Hi.  I’m Marsha Norman.  I loved Anne Pitoniak.  I would not be half the human I am now, or maybe not even a writer now if it weren’t for Annie.  I certainly wouldn’t have written ‘night, Mother if I hadn’t had her to write it for.  I might even have […]

Sondheim Tribute | Citation

June 2011 Every year, preparing to write these lifetime achievement award citations, I read bios and interviews with our honoree, I make lists of my favorite lines and lyrics.   But I also think about the idea of lifetime achievement, about what it is.  Is it the lifetime we’re honoring  – the stamina required to do […]

Horton Foote | Citation

Given in 2007 Of all the contests we hold in America – American Idol, Miss America, National Book Awards, Soapbox Derby, Survivor, Great Race, Best Bagel, the World Series, the Indy 500, on and on – do other countries to this?  What is wrong with us?  Let me start again. The one contest we have […]

Arthur Miller | Citation

The first Lifetime Achievement Award given by the Dramatists Guild The Dramatists Guild of America has never given a Lifetime Achievement award before.  Not that our members haven’t had both lifetimes…and achievements, but no American playwright has had a whole lifetime of achievement like Arthur Miller. And while other groups have honored his achievements, giving […]