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Getting Out

Third and Oak

Circus Valentine

The Holdup

'night, Mother

Traveler in the Dark

Loving Daniel Boone

Sarah and Abraham

Trudy Blue

Last Dance

The Master Butchers Singing Club




The Color Purple

The Red Shoes

The Secret Garden

The Trumpet of the Swan:
A Novel Symphony


One Acts

Love's Fire: Fresh Numbers by Seven American Playwrights

Merry Christmas



Television / Film

A Cooler Climate

Custody of the Heart

Face of a Stranger

Getting Out

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

'night, Mother


The Audrey Hepburn Story

The Laundromat

Visions: KCET - "It's The Willingness"

American Girl: Samantha

HBO Series: In Treatment Season Two (Peabody Award)





Marsha Norman, Vol. 1: Collected Works

The Fortune Teller

Four Plays

Marsha Norman: A Casebook